University ICT Services

University ICT Services (UIS) is a department at Uganda Christian University (UCU), which coordinates the delivery of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to the university's various functional units according to their needs. UCU recognises the role of ICT as an enabler for the attainment of its goals and strategic objectives. The department is currently organised into three functional units: Directorate, Systems and Infrastructure. It provides the UCU community with a broad range of ICT services including email, Internet and telephone services, campus computer labs and library commons and technical support. The department also helps students and staff to use and understand ICT.


To equip and support the university community to optimally use ICT in their work, studies and research to attain their goals more easily.


A department of committed, motivated and highly skilled ICT professionals ready to serve and support the University community to attain their aim to be a centre of excellence in the Heart of Africa

Our Units

The UIS Directorate is in charge managing the day-to-day activities of the Office.
This Unit is headed by the Director, UIS working with a Technical Manager, an Administrative Assistant coupled with other Support Staff.

The department of UIS has a Systems Unit which is charged with implementing the University Systems.

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This Infrastructure Unit is responsible for the deployment and maintenance of all aspects of ICT infrastructure and office equipment. 

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Our Services

Computing Services
UCU offers a variety of both computer and network services on
campus. Computer Repair Services are also offered at the former UIS
offices next to the Library Archives. Students and staff can access free
wireless Internet at several hotspots using their laptops or laboratory
computers in the University.
University Email & Phone Services

An email account is provided to all students and staff members of
UCU. These email accounts run on Zimbra, which is an open source
email service. Uganda Christian University phone service enables internal and external communication. To access your email Read More.

Learning Commons, Computer Labs and Classrooms

UIS supports some computer laboratories (Mass Communication,
Business Administration, Fine Art and Technology Park) and Student's
Resource centres. Also available is a computer lab at each of the
University halls of residence.