Thursday, 01 November 2018 19:22

3 tips on avoiding and dealing with spam

All of us get that email that we do not expect from unknown sources, also known as spam. However, most of us wonder how this gets into our mailboxes.

Here are some pointers on avoiding spam;

  1. All email addresses are prone to spam, however, we have a tool called a spam-filter that is always looking out for suspicious emails and blocking them. Unfortunately, some spam look like legitimate emails and pass through the filter, making it to your in box. It is your duty to train your filter. When you receive spam mail, do not delete it immediately and do not open it either. The first step is to mark it as SPAM. Also if you have legitimate emails in your spam folder, you can mark it as Not SPAM. This way, your filter tool will always mark emails from that very source as you have chosen to label them.

  2. Mind the websites you visit and subscribe to. Whenever you are subscribing on various websites for a free service or to download a free software, your email is being collected for use in ways you may not agree with. Free services online are not always free.

  3. Do not use UCU's official email addresses for social media platforms like facebook and twitter.
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