Getting a UCU email

Getting a UCU email


  • An Appointment letter from Human Resources
  • A Valid UCU ID

What to do:

Come to UIS offices at Level 3, Hamu Mukasa Library and a UCU email address will be created for you.

Setup Your Device

Setting up a UCU email on your device
You may decide to setup UCU E-mail to your other device, follow the instrcuctions below and Get started;

  1. Incoming Server: Port: 998 SSL/TLS
  2. Outgoing Server (SMTP): Port: 587 SSL/TLS

Note: Please enable for Secure Connection for both IMAP and POP3 authentications. These configulations are applicable to Outlook, Office 365, Zimbra Desktop, Thunderbird, Roundcube and other Mailing clients.

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