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Internet & Wireless access

Wi-Fi Installation

We do WiFi installation in Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Homes among others,

We provide technical support in all areas, whether you’re trying to resolve aging infrastructure or secure it, manage complexity, boost agility, improve user experience or improve compliance we transform and improve the performance of your infrastructure.

Are you experiencing any of the following Challenges?

  • Coverage dead zones
  • Limited device connections
  • Unsecured Wi-Fi
  • Short Wi-Fi range
  • Weak connection
  • Any other connection issues              

The best way to avoid any of these issues is to have your WiFi network installed by a professional team like The Wi-Fi Specialist. Right from the beginning, our expert installers will be able to map out the placement and positioning of your WiFi network. Additionally, our Design will guarantee no blockages or obstacles. Your standard Access point is capable of maintaining a consistent signal if nothing is blocking its path or inter fearing with it’s signal.  The WiFi Specialist will survey and precisely map your Campus or business, ensuring that your signal is strong and consistent  every where. 

Network Setup (LAN)

Setup of Local Area Network can be made for Labs, Offices Schools among others.

Network infrastructure is made up of the hardware and software resources of an entire network. These resources enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network. It also serves to provide a communication path and services between users, processes, applications, services and the internet. Unfortunately it is not always a simple procedure to setup your business network. Many businesses these days are faced with a multitude of challenges when it comes to the connection of laptops, desktops and mobile devices to their networks.

There fore Without a clear strategy for a modernized and reliable  network setup, Institutions and businesses may find themselves experiencing a range of IT problems. Insufficient bandwidth, poor connectivity, slowed computers and security breaches are just a few potential issues.

The networking services and solutions we offer will enable communication across your locations. UIS can streamline your network installation. With the right routing architecture and security measures,  we will make sure your IT infrastructure investments are aligned with your Institution or company’s business objectives and design for your unique business environment.


Network Consultancy

We can provide support wherever you are in your transformation journey Whether you’re trying to resolve aging infrastructure or secure it, manage complexity, move to a multi cloud environment, boost agility, improve user experience or increase compliance – we can help.

Offering a full range of Network Consulting Services, we transform and improve the performance of your infrastructure, 

Our  technical network consulting ability offers expert advice in networking, From business availability, security and compliance, infrastructure standards, deployment life cycle management and full automation to analytic s in wired and wireless areas, our capabilities help you:  

  • Gain insight into your network estate, identifying operational gaps and service improvement areas, while improving risk and strategic agility.  
  • Simplify your migration to software-defined infrastructure, gauge the impact of WAN (network) architecture changes and leverage the benefits of software-defined WAN technology. 
  • Define and develop your campus network strategy and road-map in your hybrid IT transformation journey.
  • Identify whether your organization can harness the power of the cloud with confidence.  
  • Develop a resilient strategy and identify vulnerabilities potentially causing negative business impact and risk.

Our network security consulting on infrastructure also helps you develop a clear and comprehensive business-focused security strategy.

Network Security Audits and Implementation

The network security audit is a method or process followed to deliver  services to enterprises.  UIS technical team thoroughly go through the client’s IT and Cybersecurity policies and critical assets to identify potential security breaches within the network before they become a problem putting the client at risk of malignant attacks.

The Network technical team Provide technical evaluation of an organization’s Network by Analyzing it’s aspects such as

  • Network Security
  • Control Implementation
  • Network availability
  • Management Practices
  • Overall performance

  security audit evaluates the network for both internal as well as external security threats by assessing the complete system comprehensively including the physical setup, system hardware, software, applications, programs and others. In this process potential risks are uncovered and recorded in reports to help locate the sources of the issues and recommend patch-ups for any unsecured parts of the network.

  Network security audits are essential because they help organizations identify potential threats and security risks before-hand to prepare a plan to treat the issues and protect the organization from attacks. It is not advisable to disregard the security or productivity of your business’ network and just leave it up to chance. Conducting periodical network security audits are important for identifying and diagnosing security threats and making the most of your network system.

To clearly understand the importance of Network Security audits, organizations can just imagine the potential expense, loss of reputation, and frustration of facing a major data breach. So, in comparison to that, the overall time and effort needed to conduct a thorough network security audit would seem like it’s significantly better and manageable.

Want to gain further insights on Network Security Audits or if you want to audit your organization’s Network Security, we are here to help you. Our experts can help you better safeguard your critical assets against security threats and develop a strong security strategy that works.

Network troubleshooting

Network outages in the work place can grind many modern businesses which rely heavily on connectivity to a halt, therefore through rigorous processes we I identify the problems with the Network and then deploy tested and approved methods to solve them. Through a series of steps such as

  • Identify the problem
  • Develop a theory
  • Test the Theory
  • Plan of Action
  • Implement the solutions
  • Verify system functionality
  • Document the Issue

  which ensures that the Network downtime is always avoided or minimized to ensure that there is continuity and steady flow of the organizational activities.