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our goal is to facilitate the digital transformation of the university

UIS aims to develop the digital skills and competencies of the university

The University ICT Services (UIS) is a central services directorate that develops applications and provides ICT support to students and staff at the University. 

The directorate’s mandate is to deliver ICT services as well as enable the University to utilize ICT as a key enabler in the provision of education services.


Our Key Goals and Aims

Enabling Digital Transformation

The primary goal of UIS is to facilitate the digital transformation of the university, ensuring that technology is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of the institution’s operations.

This includes supporting the adoption and effective use of digital tools, platforms, and solutions to enhance teaching, learning, research, and administration.

Enhancing User Experience

UIS aims to provide a user-friendly and reliable IT environment for students, faculty, and staff, enabling them to access the necessary information and resources with ease.

This involves continuously improving the usability, accessibility, and responsiveness of the university’s IT systems and services.

Driving Operational Efficiency

UIS aims to leverage technology to streamline and automate various administrative and operational processes, enabling the university to operate more efficiently and effectively.

This could involve the deployment of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, workflow automation tools, and data analytics capabilities.

Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing:

UIS aims to develop the digital skills and competencies of the university community, providing training and support to ensure effective utilization of IT resources.

Additionally, the department aims to share best practices and knowledge with other higher education institutions, contributing to the overall advancement of ICT in the academic sector.

Ensuring Secure and Reliable IT Infrastructure

A key aim of UIS is to maintain a robust, secure, and resilient IT infrastructure that can support the university’s growing needs and protect sensitive data and information.

This includes implementing robust cybersecurity measures, ensuring business continuity, and constantly monitoring and upgrading the IT systems

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

UIS seeks to collaborate with various departments and stakeholders to identify and implement innovative technology solutions that can enhance the university’s capabilities and competitiveness.

This may include exploring emerging technologies, facilitating interdisciplinary research, and partnering with industry and academia

Our Services

With this service, you can easily communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, stay up-to-date with important university news and announcements,..

The IT Services offered by our university encompass a wide range of technical assistance and support to address all technology-related issues that may arise.

Internet and wireless connectivity are essential for universities to provide access to online resources, facilitate research, and enable communication among students and faculty 

Development and maintenance of the university’s official website and web-based applicationsSupport for the creation and management of digital content, such as online course materials and virtual learning environments

Our comprehensive internship program offers hands-on experience in various fields including networking, software development, and systems administration.

We provides a wide range of high performance rail products and railway infrastructure services to the international rail industry.